Unique Burning Mechanisms

The different and creative ways we can burn PZAP!

At PolyZap we are always innovating and implementing new features / games that allow us to burn PZAP and help decrease the circulating supply i.e. make PZAP more valuable.

Implemented - Burning Mechanisms / Features

  • King of Zap - a portion of the bid and winnings are burnt.

  • Wheel of Zap - a portion of the winnings are burnt.

  • Zap Lottery - a portion of the winning are burnt.

  • Auto Compound Vaults - a part of the fees are used buyback and burn PZAP periodically.

  • AMM - a part of the fees may be used to buyback PZAP periodically.

Apart from these, we might also do some manual buybacks and burns from the deposit fees collected from Zap Farms and Zap Pools.

Important note: initially these burn decisions are taken and planned. However the PolyZap team will continue to evaluate what's best for the project at any current / future point in time, and these burn mechanisms are subject to change.