PolyZap Token (PZAP)

PZAP token is the fuel of the PolyZap ecosystem.

Token Ticker: PZAP

Total Supply: approx. 21,000,000 (21M)

Contract Address: 0xeb2778f74E5ee038E67AA6c77f0F0451ABd748FD

Chain: Polygon (Matic) Network

Emission rate: starts with 1 PZAP per block, then we can adjust based on the performance of the Yield Farm (time-locked). With a hard cap total supply of approx. 21M tokens.

Emission Distribution: initial Farms / Pools emission rate is set to 1 PZAP reward per block. Additionally, the PolyZap development wallet gets 10% of the emission rate, to ensure successful growth of the project.

Initial Supply: fair launch with only 205,000 PZAP tokens minted. 200,000 sold via presale and 5,000 to provide the initial liquidity to the DEX, farms and pools.

Presale: sell 200,000 PZAP tokens from the initial supply, at 5 MATIC per token.

Deflation: PZAP burned tokens will never be minted again, which means total supply is decreasing permanently.

Token Burns: PZAP burn transactions can be seen on the explorer here.