King of Zap

A battle of the bids to win PZAP!

A battle of the bids! - there is a 15 minute countdown timer which resets on the next bid. Each bid has to increase in value, and the last person bidding takes the accumulated PZAP prize pool!

How to Play?

  • Min Bid is 1% of the King of Zap pool balance.

  • 10% of bid will be burned instantly.

Auto load

  • King of Zap is now auto loaded with 10 PZAP if the pot is less than 0.1 PZAP.

  • The check is made every 10 mins.

Winning’s distribution?

When the countdown timer ends, the King of Zap pool balance is distributed as follows:

  • 50% credited instantly to winner’s address (last bidder).

  • 30% is burned.

  • 10% carries over to the next round.

  • 10% goes to marketing treasury (we are also thinking of donating a portion of this).

Additional Notes

  • Anyone can click on the claim button, But the winning share will go to the last bidder.

  • If nobody bids over a 15 minutes period, then anyone can click on the claim button to start new game. The Winning Reward will go to the last bidder.

  • Important: all bids are final, your PZAP cannot be returned after bidding!

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