How to setup a custom RPC URL for MetaMask

Advanced user topic to setup custom RPC URL for your MetaMask wallet.

In some cases, when there are network congestion issues or performance bottlenecks, it can be advantageous to have your own RPC URL setup. Which you can then use to connect to the Polygon (Matic) Network from you wallet, i.e. MetaMask.

Note: this setup is not strictly required, we are sharing this tutorial for dApps developers or advanced users who may want to setup a custom configuration, to alleviate or troubleshoot wallet connectivity problems.

Normally users should use RPC URL:

To setup a custom RPC URL, follow the steps below.

1) Go to

2) Enter your email and sign up. After which a confirmation link will be sent to your email.

3) Check your email and click the confirmation link sent, which will then open the RPC dashboard page.

4) Create a new dApp app, by entering a name in the Your Dapp Name form field, then click the Create App button.

5) After submitting the form your custom dApp will be created, then click the dApp link on the dashboard to view the details, i.e. MyCustomRpcApp.

6) Your apps detail page will be displayed and you can copy the Matic Mainnet RPC URL to use in your wallet configuration.

7) Open up MetaMask and go to your Networks configuration for Polygon

8) Enter your new custom Matic Mainnet RPC URL from the dApp you setup in the New RPC URL form field and then click Save.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a custom RPC and configured MetaMask to use it, for connecting to the the Polygon (Matic) Network.